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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome to my blog

Hello! This is a wonderful space that let us share some knowledge about the use of ICT in EFL and to know as well why it is so important in education today.
Nowadays, our world is developing so fast on the basis of ICT that having an Internet connection is almost a must for doing everything. For this reason, computer literacy has become so important in education that we have to train first ourselves as teachers in the use of technology in order to prepare our students to take on the challenges of the present and the future.
The use of technology in the EFL classroom has been present since tape recorders, videos and other types of audiovisual media were used to teach foreign languages, and it has evolved along with the evolution of technology. Therefore, teachers should be prepared to include all these tools in their practice as there are multiple technological options that can improve the learning process by providing real experiences and letting students to explore other sources of knowledge different from the teacher.
There are so many options we have to include in our classes which are just amazing. Therefore I think that a space like this would be very useful especially for those ones who are still afraid of including these new technologies in the classroom.

I hope we can exchange not only ideas, but also some tips that help us to improve our practice in the EFL classroom. 

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  1. Beautiful blog, Gabriela; well structured and thought. I really like your posts. I think you have reached the goal. Congratulations!!! :)